Miss Deb’s Most Inquired Support Matters

Good afternoon Seducity members. Many of you have contacted me with inquiries regarding our virtual worlds. Below, please do find our four most-received questions:

Question: How do I convert from a free trial to a full membership? Link Sbobet

Miss Deb says: Seduciy enjoys having people try out our worlds with a
free trial membership, and we are so excited when someone who explores
our worlds wants to be become a true member of our community. I am
always happy to answer these questions by directing the member to our
“Convert from Free to Paid Account”.

And the best part of converting a membership is the $10 AW gift card
which comes free with all conversions. It is a wonderful way to get
some exceptional accessories or cool clothes for a newly created

Question: How can I redeem my gift card? Judi Bola Ibet44
Miss Deb says: From the Avatarwares.com Catalog Index, select the
items you wish to purchase. It is recommended that you add them to the
shopping cart as usual for an automatic total. When you are finished
selecting items, you can type them into an email or copy and paste the
shopping page info, then email to zones.com. Do kindly include include
the following information: Avatar Name, Account Name, Gift
Certificate cara daftar sbobet, Order Total.

Question: How can I update my credit card information?
Miss Deb says: If one must update their expiration date or enter a new
credit card number, I suggest to click on “My Account” from the Seducity
Login Console and then click on “Edit Payment Sources”

Question: What’s the best way to find out about upcoming events?
Miss Deb says: The Resources at Seducity’s events page has volumes of
information about each world. The forums are another glorious way to
find information, including schedules, news, status updates.


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